Curing the Hopea sangal slices

When the Hopea sangal tree was tragically felled on 20 Nov 2002, the nine trunks were eventually handed over to the Sculpture Society. See the Hopea sangal timeline for the full story.

Two slices of the trunk were presented to the Raffles Museum for display and education. To prevent deterioration and eliminate possible insect pests, Adrian Loo set about to find a way to cure the wood. Within a day, he chanced on a Mr Teo of “Eastern Union Trading and Sawmill” who was very supportive of the exercise.

On Friday (17th June 2005) morning, Adrian, Lim Cheng Puay, Mr Yeo and myself from the Raffles Museum brought the wood pieces down to the company premises in Sungei Kadut to deliver the pieces for pressure-soaking in a Chromated Copper Arsenic (CCA) solution.

CCA is a poison and I’d best bring a lab coat and construction work gloves along when we collect it next week. We will also apply a sealant and coating. Adrian tells me Mr Teo says the wood might turn green and perhaps varnish will help restore some of its colour but I am slightly dubious!

Next Wednesday, we’ll pick it up.

L-R: Mr Yeo, Cheng Puay, Mr Teo, Adrian.

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