Urban Escape episode featuring Raffles Museum on TV Mobile this week

Since Wed 13 Jun 2007, friends have been telling me that they have seen an episode of Urban Escape featuring the Raffles Museum on TV Mobile – they caught the show on a television screen on a bus. It was a vague memory and after hunting the blog archives, I realised why. This episode was first broadcast around April 2005. The series explored lesser-known places in various parts of Singapore with hosts Jeassea Thyidor and Timothy Nga. The museum was featured in the episode on the western parts of Singapore.

I haven’t seen the episode myself but I do recall they shot scenes in the Public Gallery and the Wet Collection. All the comments say it was quite a nice episode, so I do hope I catch it one day. According to the schedule episodes of Urban Escape will be shown again at 6pm and tomorrow at 10am, 10.30am, 3pm, 8pm and 9pm. No wonder so many of my friends have seen it this time – much more than the original broadcast.


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