Raffles Museum News has shifted – update your bookmarks!

05 Jul 2007 – Raffles Museum News is shifting to a WordPress engine. The URL, http://news.rafflesmuseum.net now points to a new site.

The feed also remains the same: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RafflesMuseumNews.

This is the third version of the Raffles Museum news site, the first was prepared as html webpages (2000 – 2004), the second, this blog used Samizdat, a geeky format based on PHPosxom and Blosxom made simple (2004 – 2007) and now we are using the free blog engine WordPress. WordPress enthusiast and Raffles Museum volunteer Kenneth Pinto (NUS CIT) dropped in to help with the transition; thanks Kenneth!

I have also handed over the management and running of the site to Chua Keng Soon and Martyn Low. Have fun lads!

– N. Sivasothi

Photo by Tan Swee Hee.


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